Tech Savvy Sofia


Sofia's love affair with technology began in the 90's when she purchased her first computer and discovered that she had a natural aptitude for it. The way it made life simpler and more convenient was a perfect match for her practical, problem-solving side. She would spend hours learning and discovering how best to utilize various programs, software, and applications. She loved to research and figure out how to troubleshoot issues and set things up for maximum efficiency and ease.

After designing fine hand-made jewelry for 26 years, Sofia found that it was remarkably similar to designing websites. By offering both web design and tech guidance, she satisfies her creative side as well as her great love for teaching.

Clients marvel at her infinite patience with all things tech including her ability to translate seemingly complex concepts into easy-to-understand language and applications. And she does it all in a light-hearted and fun way!

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September 2015

January 2017



Sofia D. Roper was born in Vienna, Austria. When she was seven years old, the family immigrated to South Africa.

At the age of 23, Sofia was able to use her training as a jewelry designer and manufacturer to realize the dream of opening her own store. For the next 19 years, she built her business into a very successful enterprise while raising her two young children.

After her children left home, Sofia decided it was time for a new life challenge. She sold everything in South Africa, traveled for a while, and finally settled in California in 2002 where she became a licensed financial adviser and added divorce financial planning (C.D.F.A.) and mediation certifications to her skill-set. Sofia has always had a passion for empowering people so she developed a transition and financial life-coaching program which included teaching monthly workshops to laid-off employees of large corporations. She continues to coach private clients in how to effectively navigate a life transition. Sofia has authored two books available in the Amazon Kindle store. Click here.

In 2013 Sofia became a volunteer C.A.S.A. (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for children in the foster care system through Voices for Children.

"Sofia was a fantastic teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed learning from her, working with her and having her as my boss. She loved working with her customers and their happiness as well as delivering a beautiful, creative, superior product was always her highest priority. Her impeccable workmanship, integrity, and honesty helped Sofia create one of the most successful jewelry businesses in our city."

~ C. Zehrt
Owner at Catherine Zehrt Jewellery