Tech Products Recommendations at Amazon

Many of my clients ask me for recommendations on which tech products to buy therefore I have gathered some recommendations from Amazon. Click on any of the links below to see my selected products. External Harddrives All-in-one Desktops PC Laptops Chromebooks Apple For general electronics (4-star ratings and up) click on the image. Contact me […]

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Gmail to Block JavaScript Attachments

In a bid to keep Gmail users safe, .js files get added to a growing list of blocked attachments. Source: Gmail to Block JavaScript Attachments We all know how dangerous it can be to try and open an email attachment from an address you don’t recognize, so we don’t do it, right? But that’s only […]

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Fake emails from Gmail look legitimate but are hiding a horrible phishing scam

Cyber criminals are lurking around every corner of the internet, searching for their next victims. They will use everything in their arsenal to steal our personal information and money. Malware, ransomware and phishing attacks to name a few.

In many cases these fraudsters make simple mistakes, like poor spelling and grammar, that tip us off to their scams. However, there is an extremely effective phishing scam that is difficult to detect hitting Gmail accounts right now that you need to know about.

What makes this phishing attack so frightening

This phishing attack is very convincing. Gmail users are receiving emails from people in their contacts list who have already been hacked.

The fraudulent email looks even more authentic because the scammer goes through the senders’ messages to find a topic that you are probably familiar with. Getting an email from someone you know, talking about a familiar topic makes it more likely for you to lower your guard and fall for the scam.

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What You Need to Know About Tech Support Scams

Chances are, an offer to repair your computer is bogus By Steve Baker Over the last year or two, tech support scams have exploded. The fraudsters want to “remote in” (take control of a consumer’s computer), claiming there’s spyware or another dangerous problem, and offering to fix it. But there normally nothing wrong, and consumers […]

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How to thwart scammers and tricksters

Have you received emails, online pop-ups or phone calls from scammers masquerading as FBI, IRS, or other seemingly legitimate entities? In the course of my day-to-day work helping clients navigate the technology world, I realized that there was a great need for education about online safety. As scammers become more sophisticated, it’s important for us to […]

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